Los Benditos
Los Benditos
'the Blessed'


In May 2008 GW9 (beta).

Current FA

Intense FA

Current League

IFA Premier League


1st Season 12


Bendito Chachonegrata


Santuario Camaron de la Isla




Ferrol, Spain

Highest Senior Ranking


Highest Youth Ranking


Los Benditos (The Blessed) are one group of gipsys, they play in the Sanctuary of Camaron de la Isla. He was pure gupsy and one of the best Singers of the Flamenco. Each time the team Scored a goal, they gave Gypsies palms while watching the sky and scream... OLE OLE Y OLE'S FOR YOU, Camaron!

Los Benditos are an established side based in Ferrol, Spain. They are managed by Spanish manager Bendito Chachonegrata and presently compete in the Intense FA Premier League part of the Intense Football Association

As one of the founding clubs in the Gameworld Los Benditos have a rich heritage behind them, and with an incredible 55 football association competition wins to their name they can legitimately claim to be one of the most successful sides in the Gameworld's history.

There has been no shortage of great players at the club over their history but it is generally agreed that current fan favourite Gavin Phillips is the greatest player to have ever pulled on the shirt.

The side are famous throughout the Gameworld with a reputation that goes before them. They are applauded for an attack-oriented approach to the game which results in the team scoring plenty of goals. The fact that the side manage to achieve such success with this open, attacking mentality has resulted in the side becoming known as a favourite of the neutral supporters. They famously feature a first team littered with household names, an approach that has reaped rewards for the side's on pitch fortunes leading many to describe them as the Gameworld's 'Galacticos.'

The Manager of the squad; Bendito Chachonegrata has never played the game called: Football Manager,he thought he didnt needed the training lessons they gave with Football Manager and went straight for FML after reading some news reports about it on forums. he was pointed to the beta worlds on the forum and he subsribed for one of them. He started Playing in GW9 went towards GW14 before moving to the biggest and best gameworld; SAUNDERS. Since Season 2 the club achieved to make it to the top positions. The Club is know for his good players and tactics that are adapted to the players.


Current first 11 Edit

GK Alberto Núñez (28 Years)

DL Adrián Aldrete (32 Years)

DC Micah Richards (32 Years)

DC Paulo Rui (23 Years)

DR Edgar Gómez (24 Years)

MC Niki Keizer (27 Years)

MC Oscar (29 Years)

MC Gavin Phillips (27 Years)

AML Marko Marin (31 Years)

AMR José Antonio Diéz Vega (27 Years)

FC Francisco José Martinez López (25 Years)

Dream Team  Edit

            Giuseppe Rossi----------Fabricio---------Cristiano Ronaldo

Miralem Pjanic------------------Gavin Philips---------------------Arjen Robben

Christian Maggio----Micah Richards------Sergio Ramos------------Juan Manuel Vargas

                                   Alberto Nunez    

SUB 1: Kolo Touré

SUB 2: Thiago Silva

SUB 3: Mehmet Ekici

SUB 4: Niki Keizer

SUB 5: Matías Fernández

SUB 6: Francisco José Martínez López